Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Evelyn Salt is a CIA officer.. Married to a German guy who study about spider.. (dan2 org tuh teringatkan fifi kt umh). She is trained well by a Russian secret organization to destroy her own country. And she was framed. Her husband was killed before her eyes. The traitor is there right in front of her but she didn’t notice that.
A very interesting story line. Shocking when she has to witness her husband murdered. And as a result, she took revenge to the organization and search the person who frame her.
Gile mmg terror le Angelina Jolie ni lompat2. Harus le aku rasa gerun… dh le mmg minat dia dr cerita tomb raider dlu..sanggup tgk smpai 3-4x lg. bukan sbb cite tu best tp sbb nk tgk c jolie ni dgn bibir terjuih dia.. wow..ehehehe..
N finally dpt gk ngedate gn intan paying cz lately n ink dating kena wat appointment dlu.. n he has to settle his work b4 going out a date with me.. ades2.. terkejar gk le nk ke cinema..dgn minyak keta dh blinking..
Settle d date before midnite. Had our supper at Uptown Damansara. Dan pulang ke rumah dgn selamatnya..
Believe me, I would like to watch Salt again.. but pls with big cinema, full of audience n popcorns. Coz cinema yg aku p last nite xpenuh pun..Half d theatre pun x..xsporting plak tuh cz ade few foreigner yg aku xtau dr negara mana dok sembang bakang pala aku komen psal hal2 Rusia ni..Very annoying.
But credit to Jolie sbb buat stunt tuh sendiri..gile ko..dr 1 lori lompat p lori sebelah.. klu aku ler.. mau pecah body terhempas ats jln... hahaha...

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zezebel said...

Nak tengok salt. belum tengok lagi ni.