Wednesday, April 14, 2010


about 2 go out from ofc 2 meet two lovely gurls..
hahaha...tis call them gurls lh even srg dh kawen..
away from guys..we were called gurls..
lepaking @ murni aman suria

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


susahnye nk wat decision..
either i wanna stay wit her or settle down wit him..
if i decide to get along wit him..nk kena bgn g keja awl2..
n struggle naik putra lrt n transit to monorail..
if i stay here wit her.. i leh bgn lmbt2..but still.. kerjaya i x berkembang n my mind will be like daun semalu..elok tgh kembang..bile kena touch dia kuncup..
same goes to my semangat..
hilang dah..kejap muncul..lama ilang..
like chipsmore..
offer lom dpt but he insist me to join him by 1st wk of nxt month.
how ya?

Monday, April 12, 2010


my blog is only for me..
those wit no authorization..
get permission..
reason of tis?
sum ppl use my post against me..
buleh cmtu?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

wat's on ma mind?

wat's on ma mind?
struggle 2 settle my assignment..3 paperwork...
have to send it on sunday..
need to make up my 'sarang labah2' or mind mapping 4 my presentation on sunday..
have to think and rethink wether i need to change my career and move to KL..
decision to be make by sunday..
need to do budgetary on my i need to buy climbing shoe.. also by sunday..
everything to be clear by sunday..on sunday..
wat's others on my mind?
ops.. need to get my package Uni Cool to be sign and approve by HEP UPM by monday..
need to settle and sit down with 'mr. B' b4 tis month end.. dont wanna loose u anymore after all these stupid thingy action made by others... sorry B.. my bad.. i'll make sure it wont happend again.. start from now on..any action taken is a MUST under ur nose.. trust me!!wont hurt u no more..
wat's on my mind?
struggle to get A's for my paper.. really need to struggle.. pas ni dh x cm normal ppl dh la.. mlm jd siang..siang jd mlm.. till d last day 4 my paper.. then i'm back 2 normal.. insyallah..
pray 4 me ya.. n wish me luck..