Tuesday, April 13, 2010


susahnye nk wat decision..
either i wanna stay wit her or settle down wit him..
if i decide to get along wit him..nk kena bgn g keja awl2..
n struggle naik putra lrt n transit to monorail..
if i stay here wit her.. i leh bgn lmbt2..but still.. kerjaya i x berkembang n my mind will be like daun semalu..elok tgh kembang..bile kena touch dia kuncup..
same goes to my semangat..
hilang dah..kejap muncul..lama ilang..
like chipsmore..
offer lom dpt but he insist me to join him by 1st wk of nxt month.
how ya?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hurrmmmm.... pilihan di tangan anada..if nak stay wif me pon should be owkie...hehhehe.