Friday, May 22, 2009


dont have any specific one but need opinion from u all reader..

1. merisik..tunang..kahwin.. -apa yg perlu, ingin dan penting.

2. takkan lari gunung dikejar namun merpati terbang jua (part ni sastera sikit).

3. ais kacang di tengah hari - yummy..
pemahaman dr mana yg korunk nk kasi..pls help ni on those topic.
either a comment or email fwd to me : n i will post it on my blog ni..
n the best will get rewards..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


will not be able to update until futher notice
will no longer a blogger as what they want me to..
will not be myself as i have to satisfy others and be as what they want me to be..
will not like this moment and this kinda life..
will be away until latest news out...
am out!!