Sunday, May 8, 2011


hey momma... 

there was one fine day when i tried to call you.. and what i heard was just a dailling tone instead of your voice at the other end. i did called again and again and again until you pick up the phone and you telling me you went out jalan-jalan makan angin.. there!! i was so worried at that time but you were dating with daddy..

and there was one fine day when i called your name when i saw your eyes half open s but you didn't hear my called. i was so worried and i tap your hand. suddenly you woke up from your slept and tell me you just taking a little nap. i was so worried at that time. 

but when i'm sick even can't bath myself there you were taking me to bath, gave me medicine, fed me and tuck me in to bed. you prepared my hot water, you cook my food, you bring me to clinic.. you were concern on my temperature late at nite. you make me smile by giving me lots of goodies make me laugh with jokes. 

yet i'm crying here coz i hold myself from calling you on the special day. coz I know if i do call i will cry out loud. hahaha.. Momma, I only wish you 'Happy Mother's Day' and from the bottom of my heart I pray to Allah to give you a good health, joy and with lots of love. 

I Love You Momma..

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