Friday, June 25, 2010


sgt2 emosi mlm td..
dgn penat..dgn lapar..
dgn rs yg x selesa!
dinner cancelled.
take a cab from lrt station to my hse.. get my car n switch wit angelgrief.
*thnx a bunch 4 ur kindness dear*
drove like F1 to cheras..
pick up.
to kajang..
emosi sgt2 bile tgh lapar ade plak yg byk soal..
'kt mana? gn sapa? dh mkn lum? mandi dh? bile nk balik?'
i'm so damn hungry n abg byk plak soal..
i knew tat he's worrying sick bout his little sis.
but dont worry abg..i'm wit my relative.
pusing kajang 2x.
sms my other bro to help me in my search
'sapa? napa? ilang ke? kenal mana? xtau dpt info x?'
haizz...atleast he tried to help.
ease my emotion by sms'ing intan payung
intan payung pesan jgn nk mengarut yg bukan2..
drive carefully..
drive safely..
thnx 2 intan payung for understanding my situation
sorry intan payung, i know tat i'd promise for dinner date n i cancelled it.
family 1st...
pusing2 area town to wide my search.
pun tarak..
my patience was running low..
mmg emo klu tgh lapar..
sgt lapar..
after midnight br blik..
sent back car to angelgrief..
pity her had 2 woke up late at nite n park d car..
went out for supper n home..
thnx to angelgrief n intan payung..
willing 2 sacrifice d time n giving me morale support..

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