Monday, June 14, 2010

Cerita satu mgu..

last week was tired.
really damn exhausted.
plus i had 2 walk bout 2km fr raja chulan station 2 dang wangi station as d monorail had problem at tat moment. i overheard d conversation by one of d usual passanger asking d monorail staff when was d train will b arrived. n d staff said 'one hour or maybe more'.
haizz.. so i decided 2 walk instead of waiting for one hour doing nothing.
had to ask my bff to fetch me at d lrt station as my intan payung couldnt fetch me as promise becoz of two meeting suddenly need attention. another tired day as i am from my sis hse in damai.

thursday was moody.. received call from classmate saying d result is out. log in to portal n BAMM!!!! masyarakat.. teruknye 1st sem aku.. terus2 gv up. siyes ni.. nk back off je. but!! as advise from ppl arnd me aku akn teruskn tuk sem 2 n repeat paper yg kantoi tuh bile sem akhir nti.

friday mood down n xlarat p keja. off lg aku..mau darah tgi bos aku klu tiap2 bln aku cenggini. hehehe..sorry dear boss..siyes x larat angkat pale..dh le call boss xnk jwb..marah ke? jgn mare2 nti lg nmpk tua.. hang out just to get laughed fr intan payung cz i bought ticket to watch Lagenda Budak Setan muvee with my two lovely sista.. still i'm out with them. intan payung was away from me as he is attending other event. nite went smoothly. after muvee my sista n i went to Carlos for supper. we shared stories n laughter. exchange info's.. thnx alot sista..lots of info's n knowledge. send them home arnd 1am.

wknd was another long tired day n nite. out lunch wit intan payung but d food is not up to our taste. dh la mahal. bought 1/2 dozen of doughnut tuk bekalan intan payung as i'm gonna leave him till midnite. (i beli donut tp intan payung yg bayar..hak.hak.hak). away from intan payung arnd 5pm lepas enjoying donut dlm remang2 hujan.
off to desa pndn cz attending wedding. not attending actually.. make up pengantin tuk mlm berinai. waste of time klu plan tp x nk ikot. org tu ckp A..yg ni ckp B. konpius den.
sunday was another tired long day.. nk siapkn pengantin desa pndn tu..nk tuka2 baju. which actually aku rs cameraman tu cm x suke aku.. tuk outdoor shoot dia kata aku xyh pegi tp dia nk ramai org join. fine!!! aku lepak umh pengantin..tgk tv lg baik..xpanas.. janji 1/2jam m'bwk ke 1jam++. aku yg kena tiau gn mama da.. menci!! lepas depa blik dr photoshoot aku terus kalut tuka kn baju pengantin tuk acara potong2 kek. n i'm off.. kemas2 n chow. p ampang point beli kek tuk jamie.. had pizza gn zack. bukak cite study buat aku nanges. off tu lrg krmt 2 send jamie engagement cake. congrats jamie.. aku doa kn jodoh ko pjg n kekal. 2 wedding invitation aku xdpt pegi cz bz gn booking pengantin desa pndn. actually aku x g pun sbb depa x jmput. hahaha.. let my schoolmates yg pegi.. btw.. Liyana(secondary school) n partner & husaini(primary school) n partner - Congtrats..
had siakap stim with intan payung for dinner.

monday-intan payung send me to ofc. tq.

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