Sunday, July 11, 2010

Selamat Hari lahir

dah umo 27 thn..
jp lg jmpe gn abh sure byk tye..
1 of d Q is..bile nk kawen?
another is.. hows ur bf?

wifi sumewhere in .... while waiting 4 my breakfast to serve..
syukur alhamdulillah..
aku bernafas lg pd pg ini..
terima kasih Tuhanku..

monster tgh moody tuh cz she expect to b out from hotel room n jln2 with uncle n auntie..
thnx 2 uncle as he took care of monster while auntie is bz with her blog agenda..

will be somewhere away from KL/Sgor.


awak..reading my blog? spying on my fb? tau awk tgu hr ini...
maaf..xdpt jmpe awk hr ini..
next time maybe..

for my self.. happy birthday moga pjg umo n murah rezki..
moga dberikan kesihatan yg cemerlang n daya ingatan yg kuat....

for others who are sharing d samedate..
happy birthday too..
love you..

to intan payung..
sombong ek today..
nti pujuk i sampai lebam..

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