Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Morning

morning u'ols..
hope tat e'thing is okay..
haven't heard any news bout my fren yg admitted to hosp. sg buloh..
how is he ek?

is anybody hurt after reading my blog?
owh..sorry.. :(

last nite i report to mr intan payung..
saying 'ur pic kuar lg kt internet..glamer seyh'
just like i predict..
muka blur2..
then said 'mana-mana'
i ping him to 1 website..
dgn rasa menyampah he close d page..
ops..there he goes wit his angin..
then he no longer want to log in to internet for the rest of last nite.

owh dear.. i cant log in to d blog.. its 4 invited readers now..n i'm not invited!!
owh well.. ok saja.. xde le kecoh2 lg pasni.. n i'm free blogging without hurting anybody..
insyallah ye..

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