Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last nite was like....
ntah le..susah nk describe..
balik umah n call intan payung to fetch n went to bkt jalil 2 buy ticket.
while intan payung driving we had this little chitchat about y ppl cheat..
specially to their partner..
i warned intan payung not to cheat on me..
which i know he is not.
but i do know once a while he will lie to me just 2 save his neck..
so tat little thing he done behind me didnt make me explode n go crazy screaming at him..
aiya..i'm not tat teruk lah intan payung..

intan payung describe a guy who cheat on their girl as doing 'horey horey'
n even intan payung did not agree wit some guy who cheat on their partner because they married n wit kiddos. pity to d children lh kn..

ntah lh..
y ppl cheat eh?

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