Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sharing birthday

Ni gmbr burfday ank buah aku.. sj letak. xde gmbr br ler..

like wat i said yesterday, klu time2 burfday ni, aku ler paling kecoh. but now, it's just a number. dh xheran. igt nkwat supress. lenjan blik kg jmpe ibu n abah tp ongkos koreng.. so, wat donno jerk kt opis. n i shared my birthday date with RED DIVA. sure there's alot ppl out there who's sharing d birthday with me n red mummy.
"World!!! I m proud 2 be born on 11 July. i m proud 2 b cancerianz"
i misz my old fren Adzim. we shared our birthday 4 2yrs in Teknik PD. misz him so much.. Dear, Adzim, where r u..

1 comment:

Red Mummy said...

ngeh ngeh ngeh..

calit 5 sket!

laga pipi sket!

ada sorang lagi..ak0143 dia pun share sama2 ngan kita...

happy bday again!