Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

Step Up With Nuffnang? It's G. to the R. to the E. A. T. GREAT news to share ya'll. And my best ever step up dance is from Step Up 3 Last Dance specially from Moose and the light part.. hahaha..

My last official dance when I was still in primary school. Age 8 if I can recall. But to have a simple step dance and move to the left and right, and turn that won't be a problem to me. Just don't ask me to do some somersault la, I'm not a gymnast. :P

Ops.. A flash mob in mind would be. First we should think of a place, venue of a big space with crowd so your flash mob will be succeed. If you organize a flash mob away from the crowd, who would see it and who's attention would you get. Correct? 

So my plan would be at Stadium Bukit Jalil. Date? This coming 30th July 2012. Why Stadium Bukit Jalil on the date given? There will be a big football match between ManCity and Harimau Malaya. Here's your crowd. You don't need to spread the news about flash mob and gather the crowd. They're there for you.  Brilliant is it?  Just be among the crowd before entering the stadium and start to dance. Wohoo..

Second would be everything about the dance. From dancer, choreographer, outfit, song choice. Dancer can come out from different of level. School children, teenagers, college student, dance lovers even nuffnangers. Yes. It would be lots of fun. How to choreograph a flash mob dance in a week? Other than teaching these dancer directly in a studio, we can always post a video on youtube. A simple step to step dance. Sure that everyone would love to join. What we need is practise, lots of lots of practise. Outfit? It's a football match of course, so wear your best football/ sports attire. If you one of Harimau Malaya/ ManCity fan, wear out your jersey than. Great aite?

And how to start a dance in this crowd? One should take the lead when the music start. Follow by two other people than joined with all the dancer to be among the crowd and that to dance. Set aside the races, religion, politics and express your feeling with the dance as one big team. As Malaysian. 

And now my choreograph dance would be the Jabbawockeez. 

Hope there will be someone who wear The Haters mask. (Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderlands). Awesome!!!

p/s: credits all the photos/ video from google and youtube.

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