Tuesday, February 26, 2008


New place.. new environment.. new friends... new jobscope.. but why i dont feel like a brand new person?
very tiring oh..
this new place make me force myself to wake up early in the morning.. i have to show up every morning at 8. i have to face traffic jammed every day.. to and fro... i have to ctach up every details explained by my boss. i have to survive alone..
sume2 'i have to' lah.
tp aku percaya rezki aku.. InsyaAllah.. aku bw perubahan sendiri.. moga2 ade rezki tuh.. aku kna rajin carik jerk!!
dh kul 2.. start bekerja..
ops.. the pro n conts of changing a new job. the experience and knowledge yg aku cari..yg aku xdpt kt coy. lama tp aku dpt kt tmpt baru. also new salary and surrounding. insyaAllah aku berjaya..

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Lily.Lulu. said...

baby ...
dah keje baru yeh ..
wowww .. congrats !!

keje mane skang ?