Monday, July 11, 2011

It's my 28th year


It's d day.. 

i wish to have this for my birthday~

happy birthday to me...  may all the wishes from my friends and love ones come true.. hehehe.. my wish specially.. 

still remember, when my family celebrate my birthday, 1 story will come up.. momma giving me birth somewhere on hari raya.. n dad do all the cooking and food preparation for Aidil fitri.. wah!!! hahaha... 
another thing special on my birthday mesti ada kek nombor. sejak dh tau meminta, i'll wait for my birthday to come n ask momma to order numbered cake base on my age.. but up until 9yo je.. then semua kek bulat. hahaha...

now.. at age of 28yo, what i want now is a long healthy life, and live with my love and family.. 

Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan ku... ampunilah dosa ku, berikanlah kesihatan dan murahkan rezekiku.. jauhkan ku dari malapetaka.. bahagiakanlah keluarga dan rakan2 ku... moga aku berjumpa tarikh ini pd thn2 akan datang.. amin~

ops.. happy birthday to Redmummy. we share d same birthdate kan kak!!!


Biqque said...

happy bday!

naja anira said...

happy bday sis! :) ♥LOL♥